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Microsoft recently announced it will launch a new browser version sometime this summer. The browser version was to be released with Longhorn, the code name for its next operating system to replace Windows XP, but decided they had to release … Continue reading

Lockheed and the Missile Wing Concept

Smart Missiles are expensive, but effective. Efficiency in the new paradigm of network centric warfare will give results to pay attention and keep your assets. I propose adding to the area of the new wing of Lockheed Martin Marietta Loitering … Continue reading

Zoom A Journey From Pine

July Sprockets, born in Norte Grande, Chile, a member of the neo poetics of the School of Santiago in the late sixties and early seventies of last century, settled in the Norte Chico, specifically in Serena, having already renounced of … Continue reading

Persian Rice Pilaf

Historical Overview: A couple of months we had a week to the Virgin “Our Lady of Peace” on a visit to our house. It was the second year that we had with us. Like last year, the last day closed … Continue reading

Accounting Software – Why do we need it?

What difference between having knowledge or not having knowledge of accounting software at an interview? Lots. It means automatically disqualify any applicant who had not used the software in an accounting office. In discussing the selection criteria for jobs you … Continue reading

What’s wrong with our education system?

A general education is unlikely to deliver the necessary tools for each child to develop their strengths appropriately. The Traditional education often focuses too much on the weaknesses of their students in order to “level” with their peers. 3. Providing … Continue reading

Staying Young

Controlling simple things that happen to your body go a long way to keep your body from aging quickly. For example, red meat can be tasty and delicious, however, again and again. It was found that a diet high in … Continue reading