All Scratch And Much More!

Gerry X & Marko Croup at the 16.03.09 Cafe Wagner / Jena after welding songs of the old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry encounter the Kleinstadtpisser X and the Kleinstadtpisser Marko Croup challenge nothing. Gerry summons X whores & Holy so I kissed you on the belly / your navel scorching coursed through my blood. / I knew nothing else to do. / Jaba Guba Dada! The Kleinstadtpisser calls to leave – I’m fed up of it, / the dark hours in one more town to spend / knowing / that nothing eats me! Other sax player Uli Linberg is possible and the guitarist Dominik Haring against puncture and strengthen the lyrical Word with surreal sounds. This reading performance is especially for all those who want to arise not dumbing down of machinery and wide awake and interested in culture rediscover their (hopefully still existing) rebellion in art. You experience different lyric: sensitive, provocative, provocative! You can see the lyrical crash on the 09 from 8: 00 in the Cafe Wagner, Neill Street 26 in Jena. The intake is from 19: 00, entry 3.50. There is information and excerpts under and

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