Angela Novotny – The Night Was Blue

The new radio single from Angela Novotny – that night was blue sounds like romance and love the new title of Angela Novotny pur. But as life has also love all facets and colors and is often unfulfilled – the charming singer tells such a story. It is not to over hear that Francesco Bruletti has written this hit song directly for the expressive warm voice of Saxe – Anhaltinerin. Learn more at this site: Mikkel Svane. Very deliberately he chooses the instruments such as accordion, guitar, cello, and piano in here and gives a chanson-like touch titled so. The insightful text by Tobias Reitz makes complete with its history “Konigskinder” not allowed, the beautiful rhythmic hits. Here the author team builds Bano / Reitz almost seamlessly on the success of titles such as “Strange eyes” or “Heart, where you want to go” and thus gives the chance to consolidate your position in the German Schlager scene Angela Novotny..

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