Anniversary In The Dichterhaus

or the first anniversary of the lyrical company now we expel the winter “- this heroic motto is the anniversary reading in the Dichterhaus on 4 March at 20:00 in Etelser Kant trail 9. More and more listeners enjoy the warmth of the hosts Lydia Kamath and Roland Pollnitz, which to their refreshing lyrics-photo-show present not only magical spring and love poems, but tempt their guests with delicious muse kisses and savoury treats. In addition, Ingrid Prill Verdener painter with some of their spring works enriched the event in the Dichterhaus. That the sources of creativity of the two poets are not drying up, prove alone three in the first year of published books. This year’s anniversary, there’s a special surprise: the first two audiobooks. Especially connect Roland and Lydia the poetry in the Swan songs the love with pleasure, to paint pictures with words. To know more about this subject visit Ali Partovi. Their way to each other was planted with verses. The emotions, what is it have been reflected to a common sign which followed both heart and let them flourish.. .

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