Apartment Interiors

Very popular solution in the interior of the apartment a general lighting is the placement of a small ceiling lights in the upper perimeter of the apartment. These sources reflect light off the ceiling and give most of it back, dispersing evenly throughout the room. The reflected light makes the space weightless and transparent, but also creates the most comfortable and uniform illumination of the apartment. A similar effect can be achieved, and setting a few floor lamps and sconces with shades, lamp shades and reflectors directing the light toward the ceiling. Often you can find option under which pripotolochnye lights hidden behind the placed along the walls of a special projection, this method increases the amount of visual space and emphasizes the benefits of the space configuration. Chandeliers still remain elements of general lighting, especially for housing, made in classic style.

But their central location does not necessarily Light has to find a place where he really needed, for example, over a lunch group, or a seating area. The best and most interesting option is to recognize the light flat conductive structures, they allow for the greatest effect after repair of an apartment. The design of such busbars diverse: they can be fastened to the ceiling as well as the walls. Light elements located on these tires, it is easy to change the angle light beam and its location. For example, if you need to concentrate the maximum amount of light at one some point, you can easily move the elements in the right place, for general lighting sources light located in different parts of the room, and the picture of the general lighting you can change many times as desired, simply by changing the position of fixtures. Lighting design of the apartment would be incomplete if you do not use Local and decorative lighting. And for some premises, such as an office or bedroom, even the ambient lighting is not required. In this case, the load on the lighting design space lies with the local coverage.

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