Artificial Insemination A Clear Reflection Of The Advance Scientist

Today you should know that the evolution of science has brought to man facilities and improvements in their daily living; artificial insemination is thus considered as one advances more triggers in the history of mankind. Artificial insemination, is a procedure that is used in the programs of assisted reproduction as a first alternative to sterile couples, who have not achieved a pregnancy with the implementation of common treatments that attempt to correct those factors that affect the State of sterility. According to this state of infertility, you can perform two types of artificial insemination, that insemination with the sperm of the couple, or insemination with donor sperm. In both cases of artificial insemination, it should be cautiously observing the woman’s menstrual cycle, so that respective semen, just when the ovum is released is deposited in the vagina. Likewise, in a direct way you can deposit sperm in the uterus; This will depend on each case study in in particular. This is how the artificial insemination, is intended to improve and increase the potential of fertility, to a way that fertilization at the end, is a success. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

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