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Foreign Languages

Over 100 exhibitors from 25 countries to inform foreign languages from 15th to 17th November over 100 exhibitors from 25 countries on ExpoLingua Berlin about foreign languages inform Berlin. International fair opportunity comprehensively to find out about new products, methods, … Continue reading

Michael Oehme: Closed-end Funds In The Vicious Circle

In the equity sector it crises: interesting investment opportunities are desperately sought while investors shun the segment of the closed-end funds. St. Gallen, 28.10.2013. The image of the closed-end funds was considered affected: fraud, poor performance and lack of transparency … Continue reading

Healthy Emotions

Emotions are intimately linked with health, as we have good emotions that strengthens our inner State which in turn creates physical reality and we can generally enjoy good health. No doubt that negative emotions brought us enough problems and we … Continue reading

Wave Solder Optimization

The wave soldering process took its name from the fact that the process uses a tank containing molten solder. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Darcy Stacom, New York City. In this process, the electronic components are … Continue reading

Change Management Expert Forum: By The Dilemma To The Decision

Executives and change experts debate how Entscheidungsdilemmata in change processes can be solved. What way should we forward in the future? Business leaders facing this key issue in their work again and again. For more specific information, check out ISearch. … Continue reading

Scarlett People

Without hesitation, the unemployed unemployment people loans can be accessed in two norms namely secured or unsecured. Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The loan-seekers can meet their short as well as long term … Continue reading

Colored Contact Lenses

Discover the world with different eyes! Bring the world with other eyes color into your life and discover! Eyes fascinate people for centuries, and still play an important role in the daily life. Details can be found by clicking Tony … Continue reading

Internet TV

The history of music television shows who reminds himself as a music lover not of the year 1981, the music television in Germany had its premiere. A leading source for info: altavista. MTV was born and with it a transmitter … Continue reading

Eternal Sunshine In The Sunshine State Florida

See and be seen in Florida America stands for freedom and size. However, it is often forget that the American continent offers especially climate some advantages compared to the cold Germany. Depending on the region, there is all year round … Continue reading

Customer Shall Pay Not – What Now?

Debt collection company help against outstanding claims amounting to half a week’s sales relate to defaults each 10 companies in Germany. Services provide a good protection against the loss of receivables collection. But what criteria indicate that a reputable debt … Continue reading