Bank Project

The role properties browser: is curious. Leave your comfort zone. He thinks that too isn’t enough. Not afraid of lost. It breaks the routine. Search ideas in places that others avoid.

Remember where it has been. Artist Ah the artist many times we have heard that the design is not art, few. Robotics expert is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The artist role is that we assume when the basis of our creation is found within our current Bank of ideas (because we must not forget that as it existed previous influences). This role would say it is the of more purity of great and creative merit, now well, this does not necessarily guarantee an exceptional design, it depends on the inspirational processes of every who, however is the role that contributes most to the development of a unique style and distinctive. The success in project based on the criteria of our own inspiration lies in relying on our creative sense, technical base and good judgment, but also in maintaining an attitude-criticism and nothing conformist, keeping us in a State of continuous learning. Properties of the artist role: imagines. Look at his concepts in perspective. He asked with that can combine your concept. People such as Steve Wozniak would likely agree.

Deletes. You have fun with your project. It generates, pauses and reflects. The Diriamos judge than the role of judge is that we assume when the purpose precedes inspiration and not allow ourselves to be easily seduced by the first encountered ideas. The judge questioned then imagine, raises practical and functional parameters of the project, maintaining a rational attitude that leads to have an active schedule on the resources available and the processes to be used in the most efficient way possible. Assume it the role of judge in cases such as: when we do not have or do not want to invest much time for the project, when you have a methodology that is accurate for every type of creative project, when the creative work is developed by multiple people and requires considerable coordination, in the end, when practical, disciplined sense is the protagonist in our way of working.

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