BI Users Mainly With Strategic Deficits

coretelligence study: Almost every second company with insufficient future viability of BI infrastructure business intelligence consultants see the beginning of a comprehensive strategic consolidation Bad Oeynhausen / 26.01.2009 -, most users of business intelligence solutions are anything but satisfied with their current BI conditions. So coretelligence put the surveyed companies in a survey of the consulting firm majority on record, that their greatest weaknesses in strategic deficits and they have little confidence in the future viability of their BI infrastructure. coretelligence therefore expected the beginning of a new phase in BI culture of the company. She will replace the current technical focus in the BI-orientation by a stronger strategic positioning. This apparently has as a cause, that there is a growing dissatisfaction with the achieved status in terms of business intelligence in the company. Since 59 percent of BI users currently see the greatest difficulties in strategic deficits. Also acceptance problems on the User page addressed by similar to many (55 percent) as a weakness.

Comparatively few of the companies surveyed (46 percent) places however, urgent action requirements in technical terms. This suggests that a significant change of perspective has been made”, coretelligence’s Managing Director Marianne Wilmsmeier interprets the results. Instead of such as so far questions of the platform, tools, and implementations in the foreground, seems increasingly need to be determined, that business intelligence and business strategies more merge must be”, sees the Consultantin is strong evidence for a rethink. What need is according to the firms, shows her skeptical assessment of the future of their BI infrastructure: only a quarter of the companies referred to them as positive, at least satisfactory is still 31 percent more. Everyone else, however, expressing a critical opinion or have, even a very critical”assessment. The experience that the business so far have made the desired effects of intelligence strategies despite all full-bodied promises of the past behind that is probably”, believes Ms. Wilmsmeier. This blanket with their current experiences in consulting practice and hints at a growing sensitivity to the fundamental problems.

It should charge slowly be clear that even the best technologies seem just like with Handbrake on, if the BI processes not from overarching goals are derived. technology-driven concepts generate aimlessness, as very often read in practice.” The coretelligence Managing Director is therefore clear accents in the BI discussion. Users have become more mature and sophisticated by their increasingly broader horizons of experience in their positions.” This mountain critical questioning especially the chance of their previous models. However Mrs Wilmsmeier is uncertain, whether in the company for this purpose the necessary scope exists. As long as top management does not give up its previous restraint and declared his topic business intelligence, difficulties continue to be programmed.” About coretelligence: The consulting company coretelligence embodied the concept of the BI agenda a new claim in the business intelligence consulting, the real tangible added value for the business to be generated. He is based on a systemic analysis of all actually relevant success factors, avoids a too strong technology focus, and instead has a fundamental importance to the business processes. coretelligence GmbH & co. KG rifle str. 8 32545 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany phone: + 49 (5731) 15384 – 00 fax: + 49 (5731) 15384-01

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