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Landing pages offers online marketing companies to plan a variety of opportunities, campaigns efficiently and with minimum waste and implement as a favorite means for improving the efficiency of an advertising campaign In contrast to traditional offline marketing. The key difference to the offline marketing is that the customer comes to the company. Through targeted reputation building and the use of high targetierter keywords, exactly the desired target group can be addressed in the online marketing. Moreso it is surprising therefore that most corporate websites and online stores make only a conversion rate of about one percent. In plain language, this means that just one of hundred visitors interested in the products or services of a company carry out ultimately the desired target action. And this is where a complete misjudgment of the situation takes place in many companies, that can not lead to the desired result to the order.

Priority is often traffic increasing measures admitted. Wants a company increase its online sales, it increased its advertising budget, to draw more potential customers on the company’s website or in the online shop. Ideally a doubling of the advertising expense also leads to a doubling of sales. The crucial statistic but, the ROI (return on investment) remains the same. The actual lever, is primarily to improve the conversion rate of a campaign to increase the ROI. If the company succeeded in increasing the conversion rate of a campaign, also the ROI increases. It is the ultimate measure that is often not taken into account.

The most common forms of advertising that are used, are banner – or pay per click advertising (PPC) through services such as Google AdWords. Click forward then often on the home page of a website or directly in the online-shop. A look at the server stats quickly reveals the actual inefficiency of this method. Bounce rates rise, crucial during the duration of the page stay decreases. The reasons for this are in building modern websites. The highly dynamic nature of some pages and the large number of products, site bar links and advertising banners confuse and irritate the prospective customers coming from the advertising campaign. This is looking for a very specific information, a product or a service which has led him to click on the corporate advertising. אילן בן דב helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. He is now on a page, where he immediately finds what he is exited the page likely after a short time. The solution to this problem is the switching of a so-called landing page between the advertising and the actual target page. The interested party so directly from the advertising campaign depends on this landing page. Therefore, this site just for the campaign and the target group must be optimized. A well-designed and easy landing page picks up potential customers not only from the advertising campaign but it also takes in the hand and leads him to the defined target action. The entry in a mailing list, login in a can be closed member area or the purchase of a product. Landing pages are not only considered the decisive measure to the revenue generation but can increase the conversion rate of a campaign many times over. Falko Bohm

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