Bunnyhop Counterstrike Source

And so. To begin with let us understand the principle of hops. Counter-strike slider is designed in such a way that we can accelerate while in the air. How do we understand a little later. Principle bunny hop is as follows.

Jumping players do so, so when you touch the ground, he immediately jumped on it. Otherwise, we will slow down when we fall to the ground, and no sense of our hops will not. Herein lies the first snag. To make it easier to catch exactly the when we touch the earth, people jump not put a space instead of the wheel. That is, when we scroll wheel, now we have to make several jumps in a short period of time. Make a ‘Bind’ can be command: bind mwheeldown + jump; bind mwheelup + jump to introduce it to the console ( key).

If the console does not open, it should be included in the game menu ‘Options’ under ‘Advanced’. Thus, when the scroll wheel up or down, we are making leaps. So, it was the first condition for successful acceleration. Now the second point. In order to increase speed, you need to take action of this kind. Sprints before jumping, then jumps up, releasing the button ‘next’, more of her do not touch. At the time, bunny hop, we forget about the press ‘w’. Jumped from overclocking. Immediately after the jump click and hold down the ‘a’ or ‘d’ (movement direction) and simultaneously rotate the mouse in the same direction, where we hold the key. That is if we pressed ‘a’ – turn the mouse to the left. Need to rotate smoothly, for a start at 30-45 degrees. At a time when we almost landed, turn the wheel to push off, and change our movement in the opposite direction. That is, letting go key ‘a’, press and hold down the ‘d’ and this time turn your mouse slowly to the right again at 30-45 degrees. And further, by analogy. Pushed again, changed the direction of motion. In the bunny hop just two main points. 1. Time to turn wheel, so as not to slow down. 2. Combine keystrokes to move towards the mouse turns. This occupation requires a lot of practice and patience. On top is of course difficult and unusual, but everything in your power! There is many servers with special settings for bunny hop, where it is easier to jump. On these servers, equipped with special cards on the passage. On my own advise to a server called off bhop / trikz server (mpBhops + Timer /! Trikz). Its ip address is: Very competently configured server with a huge variety of cards which has been operating for more than 2 years and is considered one of the best bhop servers in Russia. There is a lot of experienced players who will help you deal with this ‘bouncy’ task. I will say a few words about the optimal server settings for convenient bhop. 1. Tick rate to the server should be 100. 2. Sv_airaccelerate value on the server must be installed in a range from 100 to 1000. 3.

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