Consecration Of The Bell In The Wegscheider Land In Bavaria

What do bells parish church Kollerschlag with new bells Kollerschlag/Wegscheid Kollerschlag parish church gets after the model of the Wurzburg Cathedral a new bells, which has been poured in the Bell Foundry Perner in Passau, Germany in March. Long’s been that Kollerschlag Wegscheid was been separated from the mother parish. The Austrian Emperor Josef II. created smaller parishes. The Diocese of Linz snatched the area east of the five the Roman Catholic Diocese of Passau in 1785 and it was established the parish of Kollerschlag. Although from the outset a cemetery located in Kollerschlag, residents of the border towns of fog mountain, Kollerschlag, Fuchsodt and Lamprechtswiesen smuggled their dearly departed, often in secret and in night and fog actions towards Wegscheid, to bury them in the cemetery. Since it was also nothing that weddings and funerals in Wegscheid were banned for the residents on the Austrian side of the Church. In the early years, only a small wooden towers without harmonic bells adorned Kollerschlag parish church.

The She received beautiful bulbous helmet tower with a chiming until 1875. The sounds of the way makers were the believer bells so familiar that they disobeyed this order. Koller shock first chiming was melted down during the first world war. in 1923, the 40 metre-high steeple received four steel bells to not risk having to once again provide them for war purposes. “Hardly anyone realized that the four bells not beautiful” sounds. The ravages of time gnawed at the belfry and the Spire. An expert noted that the bells are a wrong sound.

For this reason and because the bells with a 2.5 tonne for the belfry was too heavy, the parish decided to give a new chiming in order in addition to the thorough Interior renovation of the church tower. The new bells will then raise their clear voices to the joy of the people. By the way: One of the new bells, the Vitusglocke, made the artist of Michael Lauss from Wegscheid, in a project with Koller hit public schoolchildren. The cost of the Interior renovation of the steeple be 170.00 euros. With 130,000 euros which reflected bells alone to beech. 2014, the total renovation of the parish church consecrated to Saint Joseph to be completed. Learn more about this with Andrew Paradise. The cost estimate is 794.00 euros. The consecration of the Bell will take place on Sunday, June 6, 2010. A parish feast, Wegscheid will come to the numerous guests from the mother parish, to complete the century event in the parish of border. The church bells are placed on the ordained day on a demonstration Bell Chair in front of the parish church and after the festive divine service around like 10: 00 by the Linz General Vicar. Josef Ahammer consecrated. Image: The new church bells from Kollerschlag in row and link. Behind Koller shock Parish Council Chairman Hans Saxinger and the Bellmaker Rudolf Perner in Passau. More info: Tourist Office Wegscheid, MA str. 1, 94110 Wegscheid, Tel. 08592/88811, fax 08592 / 88040,,

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