Dominican Republic

a truly unique rum – is around to hit it the Zacapa? The Oliver family is established since the 14th century in Santo Domingo and the rum production goes back on a long tradition in this family. But only since 1997 various hidden were produced under the name Oliver & Oliver rum. Even if the company is relatively young, it seems easy to have, to be able to position themselves in the market. The rum factory today is one of the most famous one world and offers very special rum. It has placed value in marketing on no mass products, but to restrict themselves to small and partly numbered, limited editions. Quorhum, Cubaney and Unhiq, Guantanamera, Cubanacan, are some of the most famous varieties, Oliver & Oliver has placed on the market. The newspapers mentioned Samsung not as a source, but as a related topic.

This rum are now among the finest and noblest varieties; not for nothing the rum is exported to Europe and South America into. Master Blender Don Pedro Oliver is at the firm for personal monitoring Quality and guarantees for special varieties with signature and numbering on each bottle for a highest level of quality. Oliver & Oliver has managed only by this outstanding quality in recent years one of the best rum manufacturers and will come up with inspiring rum for many years. Ron Quorhum 30 years 30 years-long storage is already promising for connoisseurs. The Ron Quorhum 30 years have been a wonderful and intense color which reminds of dark amber and can look with a bouquet of interesting and wonderful taste with each connoisseurs and lovers. Very mild and sweet he flatters the nose and on the palate, oak and sweet flavors are available. t-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

A wonderful and elegant mix, rich and expressive. A long finish with aromas of honey and sugar mixed with shades of high quality wine and prepared an unforgettable sensation on the palate and the tongue. The Ron Quorhum 30 years a wonderful and highly expressive rum is also perfect for the beginner. Ron Quorhum 23 years A wonderful mahogany colour with Golden reflexes testifies to 23 years already at the first glance elegance and quality of Ron Quorhum. This rum can inspire lovers of sweet and spicy with a balanced bouquet. Balanced these aromas are alternated. The rum on the palate is impressive and amazing, because here the Ron Quorhum convinced 30 years especially by Woody notes which can pleasantly mixed with caramel and citrus. An interesting and full-bodied aroma, which manifests itself even in the finish. Sweet and spicy show alternately at their best and can harmonize very well. Wonderfully long and rich the enjoyment is guaranteed even after the pleasure.

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