Electronic Control Units

Have never thought that your car needs a little more output? Because for a little money you can get a few 30cv more power in your car. What is ECU reprogramming / trip computer? The reprogramcaion, as shown in your monbre is putting a new program or new instructions in memory (Eprom, Flash) to improve the performance of the car, although this system is the most economical single serves for some cars whose switchboard to be supported by the programming software. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Although there is another more expensive method that serves for any car, where change you the switchboard completely. Can the motor be damaged after the repro? In a principle not, cars bienen of factory programmed to endure the maximum possible time without maintenance and with the worst lubricant on the market, something that once have done you the repro you will need to spoil him, because the car is already not going to endure without maintenance or with a low quality lubricant. We must also take into account that the car has more torque, so it is not recommended that you pass a lap if you don’t want dangerous engine. The only risk is the damage the ECU reprogramarcentralitas.com, that before doing so is recommended to the ask you’re going to have gives you that kind of guarantees, is usually responsible for the breakage of the ECU/ECU **.

What I can get doing a switchboard repro? Well apart from getting more power, something that specialists do not recommend uploading more of 30cv, can be reduce the consumption of the car in atmospheric engines 2% and engines turbo 10% the only disadvantage is that you can lose up to 5% of power. I lose the warranty of the car? No, because it does not affect the reliability and indetectable(a noser que metas el coche en un dinamometro). The variations of power of many diesel cars are obtained, precisely, doing variations on the control unit as indicated in reprogramming-centralitas.com. By varying different parameters brands get a different same engine response, thus adapting to different audiences. What a reprogramming of switchboards as they say from reprogramacioncentralitas.com allow better consumption and improved performance without any implication for mechanical trouble or inconvenience is another story.

Starting at the end it seems logical that with a larger solicitation of mechanics will obtain one lower reliability. It is possible that this difference is not important and we don’t even get to notice it (imagine that instead of last 100,000 hard 80,000 and we sell it with 60,000, so is that we wouldn’t ever has given problems) However, is that the mechanics by which questions is exactly one of those that are descafeinadas with respect to her older sister, because the basic difference between this and the 110 CV is located precisely in the PABX system. Given this important feature, it is more than likely that reprogramming allow, efecticamente, better performance of the car. What you should consider however is that such variation is made by a trust workshop, if possible of the PSA / Ford group (both know the engine then there is carried out in collaboration by the two) would be nice that you could cover your backs asking workshop once the reprogramming are required to go through an ITV that check the smoke, thus avoiding that reprogramming is sloppy and find that here soon not you can drive with your car because it does not pass the technical inspection.

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