Enrique Granados

Be sure to include your name and address. Step 2. Now fold this page (better if it is a double page) written around 1 dollar banknote (do not send checks or other payment type, only 1 dollar bills), put it all inside an envelope and send it to every one of the 6 listed people. The idea of folding the paper around the ticket is to ensure qie is going to reach its destination and this is important!. (Otherwise any could detect that you it’s money and stay with the envelopes that are coming!).** List of names * 1. Hurtado Arnaldo Av.

Javier Prado o. 2420-701 San Isidro Lima 27 Lima-peru.2. Angel l. Rodriguez: P.O. Box 40,000 PMB 203 Isabela, Puerto Rico 00662 (USA) 3.

Jesus Alcubillas: C/Enrique Granados, 44 C.P 13500 Puertollano (Ciudad Real) espana.4. Patty Arrigunaga: C.26A #313 x 43 and 45 Col. Koch Industries has much to offer in this field. Montealban. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. CP. 971145 Angel Oliver: national independence c / Santa Rosa Na 717 i what, Central, Paraguay. CP 25406. Jaime J Fernandez: EH15 D24, U.L. silversmiths; alvaro Obregon, C.P. 01480, Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Honesty is what makes this program to succeed, if you trust and are willing to follow the step-by-step instructions, you can be sure that the You will manage.Step 3. read carefully, this is the way how you are going to receive money by mail. Look at the list of six persons, erases the first name and add yours to the end of it, so who was number 2 becomes number 1, which was 3 happens to be 2, which was 4 happens to be 3, which was 5 becomes a 4, which was 6 happens to be 5 and you’re now the number 6. It includes your name, address, zip code and country.

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