Expedia.de Knows The Hot Spots For The Holiday Flirt

Recent study revealed the holiday wishes of German singles Munich July 1st, 2009. It is called this summer for millions of German singles again: in the Sun and flirt like crazy. Especially on July 6, the day of the Kiss, the chances are, to find love during the holidays. But where exactly is true man the single woman and where she find their life partner? This Expedia.de in collaboration with the partner portal myFlirt and the daughter of Expedia asked 1,140 single men and single women 852 Hotels.com after their holiday habits. Lonely hearts go Hazzard single men who get attention on vacation in the search for a partner: only 12 percent of women are travelling alone. You rather spend the best time of the year with friends (48 percent). Read additional details here: Kai-Fu Lee. It is not just the chosen few, but also their girlfriends to convince. Also the majority of men would not abandon on the Beach the buddies (51 percent).

However they give almost three times as likely as respondents Women to go on, even without accompaniment. They show up at the tying of new contacts accordingly closed: only six percent of women, while quick to close acquaintances, 18 percent of men say this. Intense holiday: Beach versus sports nearly two-thirds of single women want to turn off in the holiday, sunbathe and relax. Men relaxation while in the course, is but far less in demand: only half of respondents considers it permanently on the deck by the pool. Whether the party holiday on the second place of the most popular holiday types ranked shooter or Lake Balaton in both sexes. Every fifth woman and 29 percent of men would prefer to spend their time in bars and clubs. Wide differences emerge on the next echelons: while each one-fifth of the women surveyed cultural city trips and romantic hours together, the men of a sweat-inducing active (23 percent) and sports (16 percent), the dream They harden their bodies.

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