Finish Attic

If you are designing a house, you should know that the attic can be organized as a room. If you already live there, here are some ideas of how to turn this room into the room. Usually, the attic – a large room, which has no partitions to create living rooms. This area has some unique features: wood floors, Exposed wall oven or chimneys, and a custom ceiling. For these reasons, planning for the attic premises – a difficult but fascinating task. Therefore requires special skills to use every inch of rational unallocated space.

The main thing that should be performed – is divided into space for separate areas. Use shelves and other items to somehow separate the zones. Interior fabrics, beautiful and light, fixed the ceiling on the rings and strings, will help you with this. Put a different screen, they are universal, and have a nice view. Interior Design for the most part depends on the layout of the attic. If there are brick walls, valves, wood, the decor, add chrome and glass. Exquisitely will look sofa Black leather interior in this. Exposed on wall attach several photos black and white.

As a result, you can get the original design, which is now widely known in America and is called 'loft style' (from Eng. loft – loft). If you live in the attic, located in an old house in which there are sculptures, niches, you can create a vintage design. Try to get antiques, old sideboards, hang a glass chandelier and a few paintings. Priobetite curtains or sew yourself to your own taste. Because the attic is most often small, must be well designed storage space. Well suited baskets and boxes. Make a recess bed volume box which is convenient to store things. Try to place floor lamps, sconces, elegant chandeliers. Organize creative lighting.

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