Finnish Degrees

Whether you relax relaxing bath or sauna – temperature at which the best? After the stressful everyday life there for many nothing more relaxed, to take a bath or sauna. But which is the optimal temperature for the various bathing and sauna forms? Remedy creates a so-called temperature sensor, the temperature easily can be measured with it. 38 C in the bath even if showers always more belebender acts, is always the most relaxing bath form the bathtub for many. The water temperature should be adapted to the body’s needs, i.e. she should be at about 38 degrees.

The skin quickly loses moisture, if the water is too hot. Similarly, the water temperature in the whirlpool. Since this often is found in the exterior, he not cooler than the body temperature should be set. Therefore, check the temperature with a temperature sensor. 21 C in the unheated swimming pool use a swimming pool without heating, you should make sure that the water temperature fall not below 21 degrees Celsius. Because the body is accustomed to a minimum temperature of 21 to 23 degrees.

The heated pool, however, adjusts the temperature to 26 degrees. 50 C in the steam bath that steam bath is recommended, because warm water vapour has a soothing effect on your bronchial tubes especially when a cold. No matter whether steam bath or shower, the temperature should be at 50 degrees Celsius are. 45 C in the Hamam the Turkish variant of a steam bath is the Hammam. The thermometer should not be less than 45 degrees. Anders used here as in a traditional steam bath on a combination of hot water, steam and special applications for the circuit. > gathered all the information. 40 to 55 C in the infrared cabin with a temperature of approx. 40 to 55 degrees Celsius is the infrared cabin at best for the cardio. Some people who do not tolerate the classical sauna, therefore like to rely on this variant. Due to their small size, the infrared cabin is also often in private homes. 60 C in the bio sauna, organic sauna the coolest”form of sauna. Because the temperature is around 60 degrees, it is considered particularly pleasant and is popular especially among women. 80 to 100 C in the Finnish sauna the use of the Finnish sauna dates back even to the antiquity. Here, the temperature is between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius. The actual sensation of heat is created only by the respective infusion. Measure the water and room temperature regularly with a Pt100 temperature sensor. So, make sure that the optimum temperature is guaranteed.

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