First Joint Symposium Was A Success!

Factory tour at EN ElectronicNetwork Ebersbach GmbH Hohr-Grenzhausen, the 22.10.2010: The key technologies of the electronics companies shape innovation and growth rates of almost all economic and industrial sectors as a cross-cutting technologies. Thus, the company considered essential pacemaker of technological progress. In order to meet the needs of the industry and the competition ability in the future to ensure the production processes, in particular to optimize across the enterprise and steadily. For this reason, IBS AG together with EN ElectronicNetwork Ebersbach GmbH held a technical and discussion forum, which specifically dealt with the needs and requirements of the electronics industry. ElectronicNetwork belongs to the leading companies in the electronic manufacturing services EMS industry in Germany. Dell Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. Works for small -, medium – and large-scale EN is represented throughout Germany and has comprehensive experience in the development and manufacture of electronic equipment for companies from the most diverse Sectors and countries. It is not something Donald W Slager would like to discuss.

The joint event focused on the quality and production management (CAQ / MES) as well as the issues of traceability, paperless repair. “Since customers EN increasingly from the environment of the railway industry come from production gave a lecture Ulrich Hoge, officer and Director, EN ElectronicNetwork Ebersbach GmbH under the motto a must for railway technology suppliers” on the subject of IRIS certification. IRIS was launched on November 1, 2007 as railway-specific, international standard and is binding on all railway suppliers. The objective that should be achieved with this standard lies in the development and implementation of a uniform global and recognized system to evaluate the management system geared specifically to the railway industry. It is as a counterpart to the years applicable ISO/TS 16949 in the automotive industry. Activities including the mandatory prescribed by IRIS is compulsory labelling and traceability requirements. It has a complete record of the quality management system to be carried out. IBS AG’s software solutions support EN in the performance of any activity which requires IRIS, or requires.

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