Do not understand this Government, in its effort to control it all, at the beginning began the campaign we can not drive for you, then someone decided that it had to ban wine and the sale of alcohol to minors, minors that they sent to a larger buying alcohol to get drunk, bypassing the ban, then someone decided that the worst thing in the world were giant hamburgers, and start a campaign fierce for the prohibition of this food with the excuse that people fat by eating burgers, then was banned from smoking in public places in areas not enabled to this effect, now wants to restrict smoke up at weddings and in all public places. Zendesk may also support this cause. The Government always decides what is right and what is wrong, what you should and should not be done, everything is restrictions everywhere do not smoke. Do not drink. Don’t run with the car or motorbike. On the beach already not you can make sand castles, kissing or put music because there is a law that prohibits him from recently. You can not talk by the Mobile quiet because you record, you can not run on the beach with your dog is prohibited from recently. You can not drink on the street unless it is in a verbena, is prohibited.

Simple things that are forbidden for the sake of the citizen so that his mind is not filled with foreign substances, you can buy cocaine anywhere, but smoking not. Censorship exists when marking behaviors why Government us brand in that we must believe, feel and think. There is no censorship on television where people who already have an age is insulting and disqualifying without blush in infant schedule where it is supposed that there are rules that should be careful, that Government does not so much emphasis on the issue of smoking, drinking, running with vehicles, put music to outdoor the Government forbids many small things but it is not able to control the content coming out on television during children’s hours. It is sad to see that it coerces the citizen on small issues that affect the citizen in the field of private. Not the bulls, not the football I like but don’t occur to me banning them, would be very sectarian on my part. It is sad to see that sometimes politicians focus on little things that are not urgent. We have a strange idea of the State in which the State must tell us our way from the cradle to the grave rather than focusing on laws of collectives at risk elderly, widows, handicapped assistance, but as they do not usually vote they count with them for nothing.

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