Institute Technological Systems

The school of industrial engineering in the present time, especially in Venezuela that presents/displays a turbulent scene, uncertain, risky, where in addition, there is a dependency of imported technology, where little attention to the investigation and national technological development has been lent him, to the dynamic entailment between the race of mechanical and industrial engineering, it requires to rescue the industrial engineer, to define its objective, mission, commitment in the formation of these professionals. To remember very well like specific the Institute Technological of Celaya, that it is necessary to enable, to form professionals who integrate the client, product and process, offering quality to the organized systems of investigation, administration and production, that does to Planta, competitive in PRODUCTIVITY the required profile to guarantee results is due to make emphasis, not only to provide the modern knowledge of administrative sciences, of the processes of production, all the concerning one with the management of the quality, statistical control, continuous improvement, but of everything what it collaborates with the personal growth of the professional, that is to say, to present to them the knowledge, tools, reaches, repercussions that are generated yet concerning the self-help that it allows to handle him suitably the human interrelations, to take step to the motivation, effective performance, cohesion of equipment, spirit of property and therefore profits of productivity are due to be kind in that the withdrawn ones of this race obtain: They design and implements systems of optimal control of production and inventories? Fulfillment of the national and international norms of quality? To optimize the use of the productive resources like: matter premium, machinery and equipment, manpower and capital. To integrate themselves suitably with the human resource under its disposition, to motivate them, to define the functions to them to carry out, to preactivate them based on performance, profits. To define the times standard of production and methods of work. To be kind in projection of growth of the plant. To select the technology adapted according to the behavior of the competitiveness? To avoid organizational conflicts in the production systems, being known to suitably use everything what of passage to organizational good behavior in its productive area. To maintain a dynamic integration with the function of markets, to share opinions and to look for solutions that favor to them for their objectives.

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