Literature Education

One sees that many educators make ‘ ‘ sight grossa’ ‘ for the literature education, not leading it for its true end, that is to form critical citizens capable to formulate proper thoughts on mazelas of the society. On the other hand, happily, still those pupils exist who like literature, same ‘ ‘ to the trancos and barrancos’ ‘ they defend the education of this disciplines in classroom. ‘ ‘ It is good because he does not have calculations. I taste because he is fcil’ ‘ , they affirm some pupils. Poor persons, walk do not know the true spirit of Literature! As attempt to revert this case of aversion of the pupil literature, is necessary that the pertaining to school institution demystifies the ministrao of this disciplines, starting to more work in room, the reading of literature in detriment of the education of the literature, that is what more it is proven currently. ‘ ‘ He is necessary that the school extends plus its activities, aiming at to the reading of literature as playful activity of constriction and reconstruction of sentidos’ ‘. (IVANDA MARTINS). Only thus, perhaps, the pupil can value a little plus this precious one disciplines that it is Literature.

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