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Speaking of working with people a crucial point are meetings of the elements that make up the team, but let’s start with the first: what is a team? It is a highly organized social entity that consists of a small number of people who exchange ideas, roles and functions to achieve a common goal. Refers to a group of people who share a mission or vision, working interdependently as a result of the acceptance and confidence in themselves and others. This produces a sense of ownership and belonging, by which participation in achieving the goal is timely and other responsible. The resolution of problems and conflicts is perceived as an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement. If you would like to know more then you should visit Atlas Technical Consultants. What a group? A group is a set of people who meet for a given situation, how to approach a public transportation, visit a Museum, go to a mall or enjoy a concert. In all these cases people can relate, but it is not imperative to do so, since they do not apply to the purpose of your meeting. There are groups of buyers, amateurs, settlers, etc. And also there are working groups, people who coincide in time and space in a post or in a function.

They are daily or on an occasional basis, they shake you eat together or even attend the same meetings. This may be familiar because start a relationship so you can continue long time and can be crucial for an organization, since it can simulate a computer, this is recognized as seudoequipo, which over time is more damaging to recognize itself as a working group. A seudoequipo is a shared goal, the different interests of each are as fundamental lack and is evident in at least one of the Members wanting to demonstrate their accomplishments individually and independently. Apparently there is communication, but what more there is inside everyone is competition, so that the objectives, rarely are achieved.

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