Mining Machinery

Wear reduces the service life of mining machinery Since the reform and opening up, China s iron and steel products sales market is mainly concentrated in the machinery, construction, light industry, automobile, petrochemical, shipbuilding, railway and other industries, accounting for 85% of the total sales of steel products, among which, main varieties of steel used in coal mining, building materials, large mining equipment and power equipment industry is wear-resistant steel. With the rapid development of China s mining machinery manufacturing industry in recent years, the domestic market demand for steel continues to show rapid growth trend, especially wear-resistant cast steel products growing demand arises. In the development of wear-resistant materials, especially in wear-resistant cast steel products, domestic has made great progress, but it still cannot meet the needs on product upgrading of the various departments of the national economy. Isearch may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Wear is key factors that cause a large number of energy and raw material consumption. Hongxing Tips: wear is one of the main reasons for the failure of mechanical parts, it has a great impact on the life and reliability of the mechanical parts, its causes and manifestations are very complex. It has many classification methods and abrasive wear and fatigue wear account for 50% of the total metal wear in all kinds of material wear. In the industrial areas, abrasive wear and adhesive wear holds the largest proportion in the work piece wear failure.

Under current working conditions, it is often several wear modes simultaneously or successively appear. In mining, metallurgy, machinery, coal, electric power, industries, petrochemical wear has become an important reason for the failure or material failure, but also one of the reasons causing economic losses. It shows that improving the quality of wear-resistant steel, developing new high-performance wear-resistant steel, as well as carrying out extensive and in-depth study of the steel wear mechanism to reduce the loss due to wear have significance for the development of the national economy. Hongxing, a professional stone crusher and ball mill manufacture, will try its best to produces the best mining machinery.

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