Nikola Tesla

Below we present the history of this type that mas it has circulated since when still lived the famous scientist where ensures the following: in 1856, a trail of fire in the area which is known as Serbia and that he followed with his eyes marching towards the site finding a flying device with a very small baby and a MOM who did not show signs of life a military call Milutin (father of Tesla) observed in the sky. Milutin was a man of faith and respectful of laws, but in this case considered that it should not denounce the finding. He took the baby in his hands and with two men of his confidence made disappear the apparatus, being the buried woman. Doctor Fardek, a close friend of the family, signed a certificate of birth and the child was born in Serbia in a village called Smiljan on July 10, 1856. Also says that Nikola Tesla made no plans, but that it memorize everything. Also said he slept only three hours a day and even that people close to him, saw him active up to 150 hours. The drama of Nikola Tesla was that their knowledge were so advanced for its time was born that they did not understand it.

However, many of his discoveries are jealously kept by the U.S. Government. Tesla had a notebook where he had scored countless mathematical formulas to build an appliance, with special coils, which could channel the energy of God and even redirection. An energy shield of so much power as to resist nuclear charges could be built with it. In life he also suffered many boycott because their discoveries could lead to bankruptcy for many companies. Although he was not in competition with anyone, such as Edison and Marconi scientists envied him and fought. Even this latter figure as the author of an invention that you extracted from the Research of Tesla. If you liked this article visit us at hidden spaces, our blog where you’ll find as interesting as this articles.

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