Normative Grammar

Thus remaining, only in the scope of the phrase, the education of the Normative Grammar makes impracticable the development of the literal ability, that constitutes one of the supports of the communicative ability. As Travaglia (2008 p.18): Evidently to propitiate the contact of the pupil with the biggest possible variety of situations of communicative interaction by means of an analysis work and production of on statements to some types of articulation situations. It is important to stand out that the grammar education, does not have to occur to protect or only to conserve the composition of the language, but to assist the user and falante in the knowledge of its proper language materna. It also must be, a harmonious education in the relation between the education of Normative grammar and the contextualizada one, without discarding the rules, the nomenclatures and terminologies, therefore is basic for the social and cultural development of the pupils. Since the education of the grammar has for objective to prepare the pupil for a literal production obeying to the norm standard. We perceive throughout this study that the Portuguese education of ngua crosses difficulties, as much for the form to teach grammar, as well as the way as the professor acts practical its. He is important that the professor establishes strategies next to grammar and its rules, making possible to study them of contextualizada form.

The different types of texts will stimulate the pupils to identify the grammatical object in study. Diverse ways exist it professor to modify practical the traditional one to approach the grammar. The first one of them is the fact of the professor if to become the mediator of the knowledge for the pupil, being become the pleasant grammar form sight different of that it is presented the students as a set of norms to be followed in such a way for the writing as for speaks.

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