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How realistic are these figures and how durable their maps, time will tell. summing up Now, summing up the above, it is possible to identify a number of significant benefits payment system, implemented with the help of smart cards: 1. Modern smart – cards able to replace all banking transactions with cash. 2. Map allows for centralized control over all financial transactions with the user’s account. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michael Dell. 3. Low cost of equipment and accompanying independence of the service system of communication, no additional costs to operate the system. 4. High multistage protection. Owner’s data entered into the smart card chip, and upon presentation Cards, communication with the database is based on identification information, even in the off-line. 5. No need for constant communication with communication equipment provides a wide application, portability and autonomy. 6. Ability to install readers in all areas of service: shopping kiosks, telephones, gas stations, car repair, etc. 7. Minimum cost for manufacturers to maintain work system at the time of service. 8. Minimum cost to the users of the system: from the owners of the smart card to the issuer company. 9. Quick and easy procedure, mutual. 10. Reduce the likelihood of professional fraud.

11. Decrease inflation due to the rapid turnover of funds. Protection against a number of financial risks inherent in other payment systems. 12. The use of personal payment cards in health care and public insurance. 13. The high degree of quality and security card provided by a complex industrial production and the presence of a unique code, personified in the manufacture. High rates of economic development for the open use of smart cards new horizons. The largest financial companies, such as Europay International and visa International sees great promise in the implementation of intelligent smart card and told to move their payment systems such technology. At this stage, it will exist in parallel with payment systems based on magnetic stripe cards, and then completely replace it. This is the most recent developments in the field of smart cards, and their area application much more. They are used to perform tasks requiring complex information processing. Microprocessor card contains a microcontroller, a cpu which has a number of functional characteristics:.

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