Occupational Health

“Models of operational health care represent salary increases to just acting a real alternative and can be introduced for staff motivation without budget even without personnel budget all studies on the subject of remuneration systems” result in a single image: money alone uses as motivator is hardly at least the duration of a raise or a bonus as to refer very briefly. In addition, a budget for higher remuneration due to the tense economic situation is currently available in the least. Many HR managers make about according to ideas as motivating employees can be increased despite of all and at the same time a recognition for the performance takes place. Health we know is the highest value that an employer could wish for its employees. Hear other arguments on the topic with Zendesk. And this of course also applies to the workers themselves who want to go through life not as long healthy? The occupational health care offers entirely new Options, the staff is attractive offers on the operation to provide and the clever such solutions should be to tight once the staff cost budget, these offers as a worker-funded variants are highly useful for the workforce. Often special conditions for the entire workforce can negotiate an employee solely on the market can’t get? Specifically these are E.g. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ali Partovi on most websites. solutions for the costs of preventive medical examinations (cancer screening, etc.), supplementary health insurance (inpatient stays in 2-bed room, chief doctor treatments or even co-payments for dentures), option rates for private health insurance (such as the right to private health insurance even in the three-year wait to secure).

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