Open Office Programs

The protection level of the program depends on the skill of the developer. To remove the protection (break the program), also requires a certain expertise in this area. If this skill is not enough, and protection coarsely broken and not completely, but it leads to incorrect program behavior. It can manifest itself in different ways. May hang under some circumstances, constant reminders for payment, taking up more space on your hard drive slow, can not operate some features of the program. Licensed software is distributed dvuya ways: 1. The boxed version, where software is written, mostly, on CD and is available in box to the documentation.

Can be purchased at specialty stores or companies that deal with the proliferation of licensed software. For example, Kaspersky Anti-Virus can be purchased here. 2. Delivery with the new PC. This supply OEM version is called version.

In this case, the license agreement is concluded between the manufacturer of the software version can be iprodavtsom PK.OEM priobrestine not necessarily buying a new PC, you can buy only one kind – the item to your PC. 3. You can buy software with a special discount, but it is only for educational institutions. Appropriateness of such a purchase a license is a license to engage in activities in the area Education (Ministry of Education or other relevant bodies). 4. You can buy online, such as. In this case, you download the program, install it and after paying by e-mail, get the activation code. Where and how Paste it see in the program. Each program has its own online status. In life, there is another class of programs. This is Open Source (open source software). These programs are delivered free of charge. Create their enthusiasts – programmers around the world who are united in various communities. Acquiring such a program, it can be pokapvtsya that – to change something. And if you changed for the better, thank you and to hear if this loudly :-). These programs include: office suite Open Office (created as an alternative to MS Offic-in, OS Linux, web server, Apache, etc. That's all, dear friends, you should purchase the program and use them for health, most importantly, do not forget about the laws.

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