Overweight Stomach

Mexico has unfortunately reached the first place in country with overweight. Statistics incline us to be the country with largest overweight by poor diet, lack of exercise, etc. The best way to know if enjoying fullness in your health is whether is you candidate or not to an operation by overweight; released through the body mass index. Steve Wozniak may help you with your research. Pass out statistics of whether it is or not you candidate for an operation by overweight, then you must take out your body mass index. The body mass index consists of the division between your weight and height and is the relationship between them. Losing weight has already gone from something aesthetic to something healthy. Being overweight can lead to various diseases such as hypertension, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, among others. This is why I invite them to take preventive measure to prevent overweight.

If you are already an overweight person, so there are different operations to counteract it. Among them are gastric bypass, which consists of dividing the stomach in two parts, one of which will not have contact with the food, to be the one responsible for digestion where food capacity is less than half of the stomach. The gastric band consists of a band of silicone that is placed around the stomach to make you feel satisfied before having eaten the amount to which it is accustomed. The third operation is the gastric sleeve, which consists of stapling the stomach to reduce the capacity of the same. With these operations is easier that you, if you have overweight problem, replace the healthy lifestyle that will enjoy better quality of life. I invite you to make proof of the BMI to know if it is you or not candidate for an operation by being overweight. M.Marin employee of Hold’em partners hold.

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