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Digital data realizes the interface between LurTech PDF Compressor and windream ECM Berlin, 31 October 2013. The IT solution provider of digital data has created a bi-directional interface between the enterprise-content-management-system windream and the LurTech PDF Compressor located in Giessen. Thus, windream users can reliably convert inbound and outbound documents to PDF/A. Because LurTech PDF Compressor performs the conversion to PDF/A including OCR and compression as a central service, no user interaction is needed. Digital data has integrated this solution in his tool collection for windream and this is on the windream.CON (12 and 13 November 13 in Bochum) present.

Thereby, the company also shows how the invoices into windream archived can be transformed into ZUGFeRD compliant PDF/A-3 files and thus to facilitate the electronic exchange of invoices. Digital data is windream partner since 2005 and offers complementary products to the ECM system in the form of a tool collection. This includes also a Solution, with the long term archive documents be filed in PDF/A format in windream or also from windream in the ISO standard. The Foundation forms the LurTech PDF compressor, a production-ready application to compression, conversion to PDF/A and character recognition (OCR). When it comes to conversion to PDF/A, we decided strategically for the PDF compressor”, says Marlon Schreiber, head of application development and project management of digital data. Therefore it was only logical to create a seamless solution between your ECM system and the PDF Compressor for us as windream partner.” As reasons for the decision in favour of LurTech, Schreiber called functionality, the openness, the scalability of the software, as well as flexible license model from LurTech.

In addition speaks for LurTech, that the company is initiator of the PDF/A competence center, the today’s PDF Association and there actively works with. With the new engine joins windream also in the ZUGFeRD-compliant ECM solutions. Now can be generated from the invoices stored in windream PDF/A-3 files, that correspond to the data model for the exchange of electronic invoices.

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