Relieve Stress? It

Modern era can be called: "the era of non-stop." How hard sometimes to live in this crazy world – a world of Internet, high technology and high speeds! It often happens that for all this endless fuss and no worries notice that life flies by: all-around somewhere in a hurry, late, running, passing each other and not noticing anything around. The man is not enough time even for a moment to stop and admire the beauty of the surrounding nature, listen to birds singing or just enjoy the peace and tranquility. It is no wonder that with such a long life and stress to make money, or at least did not subside and do not stop the headache. Is it someone who needs it? I think not. People such as Ali Partovi would likely agree. Itself begs the question: how to avoid it? Or at least, if avoided, certainly not succeed, then at least get rid of so unpleasant feelings? Psychologists have come up already ways, each of which has its own interesting and effective. Consider another. But for a start consider one well-known fact. Many are well aware that "one can endlessly look at three things: a burning fire, as water flows, and how the other people.

" As we can see two of these things created by nature and only one – man. Unfortunately, these creatures of nature can not be reproduced exactly as you can not enter twice in one river. But you can save. Proved that the sound of water soothes the noise.

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