Resolving Conflicts

As pointed out by participants and scholars, that the conflict can be conducted as a positive or negative force, so that management should strive to make it disappear, but to eliminate those conflicts which adversely affect efforts the organization performs to achieve its objectives, it appears that the problem does not suggest to the conflict but how to manage and make decisions Take into account that when a conflict occurs has given way to an environment, climate bad for the organization, should be tested immediately because it has generated, the reason for its manifestation, consequences, effects and seek immediate solutions to prevent this not only lead to a negative situation for the company to group for the individual, self-esteem, performance and above all not happen again.

Sabersele must negotiate, avoid coming back, to hold each of its consequences, to take disciplinary action if necessary, and above all, each actor responsible for an undertaking that does not give back. Contributions Gledys Gonzalez gives us further that conflicts can produce various types of effects, some may be negative and the positive effect related to the performance of the organization, Of course depending on what type of conflict has occurred and how it has faced. There is a form of conflict that can be considered very positive for the organization, which are discussed and presented ideas to improve the process in an organization, or to achieve the objectives of a specific project. This type of conflict is what we call functional. On the other hand, we can comment and has been observed especially in organizations in the north of our country, that when the amount of role conflict is minimal, it really makes the performance of the team and the organization is poor and even even negative..

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