Resonance Stimulation

Resonance brain stimulation. All disease is known to be inherently present regulatory phenomena – manifestation of disturbances in the body balance control energy-exchange processes. Therefore, the causative method of restoring health is targeted (based on complete and accurate diagnosis of the body's needs) to support the work of the entire system of complex structures in the regulation of life all levels of its organization. The human brain and its associated principal psychoenergetic centers (chakras) as a whole is a truly magical machine of self-organization of the body. Samovosstanovitelny potential microcosm is enormous, but sometimes it requires well-defined supporting influence in order to give effect to and implement the reconfiguration of the harmonic mind-brain-body as a single cybernetic complex. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. The human body is totally immersed in a living space of the surrounding environment through mirlliadrov vibration information and energy accords. Physicists fine aware of the tremendous power of the phenomenon of resonance. Its use allows the most that to have a powerful impact on any system, given the laws of its functioning, the impact of is based on accurate knowledge of the nature and quality of reaching in the system.

In order to impact on the cybernetic machine the human body was both safe and effective (not whipped, and supporting and assisting), in improving neuro "Tsvetopsihosomatika" uses color and music. To achieve the harmonizing effect neyroenergeticheskogo enough a decent computer monitor and high-quality audio. Fully automated CPS system, which should apply to no more than 20 minutes a day, allows you to systematically, comprehensively and flexibly in harmony reconfigure an integral vibratory matrix of the human microcosm.

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