Second Service

It should be noted that the taxi in Russia had a very serious shortcoming is the lack of control over their activities, despite the fact that all the taxis belonged State may, this fact can be attributed to the second fault, because there was no alternative choice and competition. Over time, this resulted in the fact that drivers were not qualified, rough and calm could violate various rules. In addition, the city is desperately short of a taxi that did not cover the needs of citizens. Not only was saved, and that in Russia started issuing its own cars, of course, they are significantly joined the fleet of taxis, but on the forecourt always accumulate a lot of people who wanted to leave in a taxi, at times these queues reach a few hundred people. The authorities were attempts to introduce some control over the work of a taxi, for example, was put into service apparatus "autograph", which recorded the movement, total distance, distance per trip, etc., but the results of this innovation unknown. As a result, the authorities created a special commission, which began to monitor the work of a taxi, some days she could identify six violations in 8 trips, the most common was shortchanging passengers.

Drivers feeling of impunity and lack of control over their work and therefore could reconfigure taximeters of your choice. Also because of the low-skill for 9 months in 1936 in Moscow were counted 300 accidents, it came out on a working machine for 2 accident. There were other significant shortcomings in the taxi, so they are very slow and poorly repaired, did not save the situation, even the release of new models of domestic vehicles, 60% of all taxi were not suitable for operation, and some of them at all dangerous to travel. Perhaps this was due to the fact that a substantial proportion of cars had been assigned to specific agencies for service use, and some days the routes traveled no more than 5 taxi. Established as dispatching service had no connection with the fleet, so some orders simply were not met.

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