Stamford Bridge Football

Sixth of May STAMFORD BRIDGE On May 6 of 1983 was a hot day which ended in a storm. It was Friday. In the eighties it was customary for many Friday afternoon to hold a disco party in Zaragoza. He attended the high school kids to celebrate yet another field trip, as we took the kids some mixed drinks from jugs, girls danced San Francisco and songs of Rick Ashley. One Friday in 1800 the club met the girl in the green jersey and youth in our dreams of another May 6 went to celebrate and we bought a gift for little money.

That afternoon in the Sierra de Avila, Bernard Hinault known as “The Caiman” along with his squire and “bespectacled” Laurent Fignon, gave a turn to the Tour of Spain, creating a memorable getaway where Vicente Belda Marino Lejarreta and accompanied the Renault team riders leaving 22 minutes to the good of Julian Gorospe, with the yellow jersey of the team behind Reynolds, hooked a huge slut. That was the sporting event that day and I usually remember frequently. This May 6, 2009 the sporting event was the return of the Champions League semi-final and facing Chelsea in London and FC Barcelona in the impregnable Stamford Bridge in the capital London. The blues Hiddink pulled a scoreless tie in the first leg at the Nou Camp and all the swords were on top, while the rival Manchester United waiting for the grand finale on May 27 in historic Rome..

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