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Igeho in Basel, TCPOS of a new Tablet PC application with which restaurants can represent their menu on a Tablet PC shows electronic purchase orders without waiter at the fair. In recent months, Dell has been very successful. The guest provides all food and drinks, which does the restaurant offer on the interactive menu and can trigger the order itself. The solution runs on all Windows based Tablet PCs and should be further developed in the future for Android. Daily specials just update the dynamically generated menu allows the restaurateurs, to change the menu at any time and thus increases the flexibility. Special daily offers, actions, and the display of ingredients and other information can be recorded easily in the a la carte menu. Order conveniently and quickly the surface application is operated with the gestures of the Smartphone with the finger. When ordering the guest runs through the checkout process as he is here used to order on the Internet, taking into account also the special requests.

Thus, for example, “” “queried, whether it be ordered steak medium”, rare”or done” want to get served. Because the guest can his order can independently perform the waiter, he saves waiting times with the order on the Tablet PC. After the guest has raised its order on the Terminal, is the order to the kitchen and is there printed with the kitchen printer or displayed on the terminal of the kitchen. The guest may be shortened now the time with a browser to surf the Internet, play and entertainment. TCPOS shows the digital menu on the Tablet PC at the Igeho in Basel, Hall 2.1, booth E40.

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