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During Parties

All this led me to understand what, as an engineer thought, in the sense that science and spirituality were two entirely incompatible. In the book of Holistic Education Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, made me reflect on the shortcomings that have … Continue reading

School Education

The book comes to tell some questions on the art, does not stop reduziz it definitions, but to also stimulate the thought and the quarrel, directing a look to the aesthetic one. It tries to contextualizar the art in the … Continue reading

Credential Institutions

Exactly thus, the strong digital exclusion seems not to influence so little in the involved pupils with long-distance Education (EAD) in the Maranho and, in the investments of institutions of superior education for the development of long-distance courses. If you … Continue reading


An author standes out the importance of the position of the professor in this stage of the project, and says that the more the professor to question the pupils, better will be the planning and that the pupil must have … Continue reading

Uniform State Exams

Since 2009, the cse is the only form of gcse and the main form of entrance examinations in universities, while also have the opportunity to re-deposit of ege in subsequent years. How would the exam is not included, but Actually … Continue reading

Designer Web

Nowadays, the design Web is a good race recognized world-wide level, because the final result than the designer obtains Web is an essential element for the continuity of the companies within the virtual world. So that the universities and training … Continue reading

Computer Educational

As Almeida (2000), with the application of the technology of information in the activity human being, had the necessity to create new courses of level exactly superior technician or to take care of professionals of this area, such as: programmers, … Continue reading

The Pupils

Then, we must, in this environment of learning, to value the use of the games to facilitate the relationship of the pupils with these objects through the collective work. With this, the pupils can improve basic the geometric knowledge when … Continue reading

Literature Education

One sees that many educators make ‘ ‘ sight grossa’ ‘ for the literature education, not leading it for its true end, that is to form critical citizens capable to formulate proper thoughts on mazelas of the society. On the … Continue reading

Normative Grammar

Thus remaining, only in the scope of the phrase, the education of the Normative Grammar makes impracticable the development of the literal ability, that constitutes one of the supports of the communicative ability. As Travaglia (2008 p.18): Evidently to propitiate … Continue reading