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Why the money has assumed so immense importance in our life? Perhaps we depend exclusively on him for our own psychological happiness? All the human beings we needed, bread, shelter and refuge; this is known. But, why it is that … Continue reading

Same Alcohol

Simultaneously, the changing nature of sensations – from the pain at the moment of orgasm to it, and the total absence of blunting. Julia Koch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Instead of relaxing and satisfaction, a strong aversion … Continue reading

Short Item

The auditory or ecica memory (echo means repetition) allows to perceive what we hear to us, therefore holds back the auditory information for a short space of time, making possible the linking of the one phrases speech. Ali Partovi brings … Continue reading

Laser Natura Chueca

Cavitation or liposuction without surgery has become a revolution by eliminating fat and centimeters you want without going through the operating room. Laser Natura Chueca leads bid of cavitation in Madrid with latest technology equipment cavitation is a revolutionary new … Continue reading

The Consciousness

To do this, do not need to put to sleep man. And waved under the nose of the pendulum is not needed. There are many effective ways to prompt the introduction of a trance. One way – overloading of consciousness … Continue reading

The Spiritual

However, since not only speak French. Popular wisdom, which is known to crystallize centuries, is reflected in different sayings, and here is one of them: 'My husband – the head of the family, and his wife – her neck is: … Continue reading