The Advantages Of The New Windows 7

Predecessor Windows Vista is trumped clearly rather than announced by Microsoft, Windows 7 is now officially available. It certainly seems the success of the new operating system. But especially for private users, many questions remain unanswered and it applies some pitfalls to navigate. As the news portal reported confused especially Microsoft’s pricing of the different editions and upgrade options. The portal gives tips on what Windows 7 users need to keep in mind and what version is really useful.

Therefore, the simple Home Premium version for normal use available is sufficient for home and online already for around 75 euros. These so-called OEM version was indeed originally meant for PC manufacturers and therefore does not offer customer service. But who can reasonably deal with Windows, should not miss this feature. Customers who do not want service and support, can purchase the regular version of end customer for 120 euros. The Windows 7 Professional-version is too old in the so called XP mode Software to run and is therefore especially interesting companies and network administrators. For home users, however: who is not dependent on old XP programs, can save the 115 euro for the OEM version and 300 euro for the final customer version.

The ultimate version offers to building additional encryption functions and an additional 35 languages language pack. For Windows 7 to work really comfortably and safely, the user should perform some settings and adjustments of the operating system. The editorial explains exactly how to use user account control”maximum security from the system can be taken out.

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