The Client

Sometimes, such operations are conducted for the sake of process itself, from a purely krekerskih meaning (from the English. cracker – cracker system, a computer vandal). In smart – cards with protected memory features a special mechanism to edit and delete information. To obtain permission to read or erase data needed to produce a map secret code (there may be several) to establish a connection with the protection key inside the card. If the code is identified, the card is ‘reported’ about this device read / write, and you get authorization for payment. Hacking security keys and copying the data memory card is impossible. Therefore, the protected memory card is ideal for a standard set of payments, they have the necessary protection, and thus inexpensive.

For example, the price of cards GPM896 for circulation of over 5 thousand copies is no more than $ 4 per unit. Additional protection of this type of card is also the region (it is better to make them, at least two), in that records the identification data. These data are usually burnt on the inside, can not be subsequently amended, which makes it impossible card fraud. Another detail concerning the security card, a concurrent access to data and maps to the commission payments. The implementation of cashless payments usually are three legally independent entities: a bank, a customer and a store. Bank transfers money to card (credit it), store withdraws money from a card (debit it), and all these operations must be performed in the presence of the client, with his consent..

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