The Motivation

The logic in question would be: to command, to manage implies in responsibility, if this is not folloied of some privilege which would be its advantage? It is possible to think that, while strategy, the system of destacamentos obtained to involve the pupils because effectively it prepared them for some difficulties of the life. Practical the pedagogical one was structuralized from its daily problems. Kai-Fu Lee has plenty of information regarding this issue. Since simplest, related with the feeding, clothes, etc., until most complex as to deal with the differences between the people, the trespass of the norms, etc. the experience of Makarenko (1985) in sends the question to them: in the current school, which strategies involve and prepare the pupils for the difficulties of the daily one? Evaluating the importance of collective 6 in the experience of the Gorki colony, Makarenko (1985) made a story on a march of the pupils in a commemoration in the city. It describes the motivation and the enthusiasm that were transparent all of the pupils during the event. According to author, these feelings were resulted of the strong identification of group developed from the sense of collective, that it propitiated a permeada convivncia of difficulties, conflicts, of frustrations, but also of dialogue and growth.

Said in another way, the work in team is, therefore, an used strategy to decide problems and challenges, with recognized effectiveness. On the other hand, the way as it intervenes with the affective relations between the people, confers it a delicacy and makes of it, in general, a great absentee, over all, in the pertaining to school environment. 2.1 To work team: habit or habitus? Here, it fits to ask: which are the implications of the sustentation lack and practical direction in the pedagogical one? If the professors do not obtain to work collectively with its pairs, would be possible to transmit and to cultivate in its pupils this form of work? Which importance is attributed by the professors, in the school, to the collective work? Perrenoud (2000), in work on what it considers abilities necessary to teach themselves in the current conjuncture, warned on the risk of the school to disqualify before its pupils when disdaining the technological advances.

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