Understanding Infertility

In medicine, infertility is called the failure of reproductive age living organisms reproduce sexually. If a woman can not become pregnant within one year of regular intercourse without using any relative. Absolute sterility and a predetermined (acquired as a result of abnormal development of reproductive organs, various injuries, etc.) are incurable. Amenable to treatment only in the relative male or female infertility. Female infertility.

The causes of female infertility can be various pathologies of the reproductive system, inflammation, hormonal disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, and even higher immunity. Male infertility in most cases are associated with abnormal semen: lack of sperm or insufficient number of its absence, or insufficient number of sperm and other sedentary deviation. Infertility unspecified type. Such a diagnosis is made in a pair when medicine can not determine the cause of infertility, and both partners are healthy due to medical reasons. This type of infertility occurs in 15% infertile couples. Combined infertility. This type of infertility put, if both partners have some anomalies of the reproductive system.

But it happens so that after the break, both partners have children from other medicine, which combines parts of gynecology and andrology) distinguishes two ways of healing: to challenge and infertility treatment. In the treatment of infertility causes are eliminated preventing pregnancies. Often a correction of deviations of genital surgery. To overcome infertility include effective interim treatment, in which a married couple can have children, but in general also remain fruitless. In most cases, temporary sterility is achieved to overcome the hormonal drugs, and in more complex situations, apply artificial insemination.

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