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The Venezuelan company for the first time, is faced with changes that are generated by a government that is defined as a socialist and this has produced serious problems in the corporate sector, a situation that many enterprises, especially SMEs, were not prepared for these changes, to the extent that many have closed, others are working with a not suitable to market demand. The changes that have emerged have led to that management has to restructure its operation to give way to strategies, plans, actions that are able to face the greatest risk to the effects the changes are encouraging. Changes has had a significant impact on the administrative structure, its resources, operations. Management should definitely go into the actual behavior of markets, product of new economic openings, partnerships, properly handle the strategies that will promote to the demand that has led to a new consumer who asserts his rights in favor of meeting their needs to the different offers that are offered today. In an interesting letter on the subject, indicates that before the change is considered, which has forged a new company called, knowledge society, knowledge society. Currently the value is created by productivity and innovation, which are applications of knowledge to work.

The knowledge workers are experts in how to make productive use of knowledge and the challenge of modern organizations will capitalize on the knowledge, organizational knowledge to create an own, independent of the workers. The current knowledge revolution has brought a tidal wave of social change, technology and economy, which is causing businesses to make a radically new way. Faith on vertical integration (do all the tasks necessary for the manufacture of a product by the same firm) and economies of scale are leading to a reassessment of outsourcing, minimization of scale, profit centers, networks and other forms of organization. Another vital aspect is that the change is global, ie simultaneously in almost all traditional businesses, industries and companies. Moreover, contrary to Marxist and extreme approaches capitalist, the worker owns the main factor of production.

The information management in organizations is the main source of productivity and innovation. Thus, the differential values are not based on assets, capital invested, but in how information flows by the company to make effective these assets. It is considered that the companies are information systems. Ultimately, the Venezuelan business sector management must have a proactive, innovative, skilled so I looked at the scope, impact, that the current government is generating with its socialist system and how this has affected the operation, productivity the company. This needs to restructure its plans, strategies, dealing with changes to actions they know to take the opportunities being generated, as well as threats, weaknesses. It must train, train, prepare the organization’s human resource in such a way, they encounter changes and does not generate motivation, fear, all Otherwise, you will pass to the integration of computers backed with an organizational culture to ensure achievement of organizational behavior, duly favored with an organizational climate where productivity is favorable to the changes that occur. It is very true when the states, it is impossible to manage organizational change and business without being aligned with the values, beliefs, attitudes of each and every one of the components of the organization.

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