VIP Production

The mechanism that cause the release of the espermticas cells of the glands it is not known, but this possibly occurs with a gradual reduction in the espermtica capacity in agglutinating. Reproductive Neuroendocrinologia the reproductive system basically is regulated by the hipotalmico-hipofisirio-gonadal axle. The GNRH stimulates the LH that is responsible for stimulating the production of progesterone in folculo maturo, beyond provoking the disruption of folculo and the ovulao. In the male, the LH acts in the testicules and induces the production of andrognios. In birds the presence of another important hipotalmico hormone occurs, that is the vasoativo intestinal peptdeo (VIP). This hormone initially was discovered in the intestine. In the brain of birds, the VIP acts in the release of pituitary prolactina for the previous one. The immunization of turkey hens with VIP to neutralize endogenous VIP results in reduction in the levels of prolactina and the incidence of hatching and the increase of the egg production (RUTZ et al, 2007).

The other hormone produced for the pituitary one it is the FSH. The FSH can stimulate the hormone production esterides for the cells of folculo in development, particularly of the lesser folculos. The FSH also is produced by gonadotrofos, but little it is known if the LH and the FSH are produced by the same or different gonadotrofos (MILK; FISHERIES, 2009). The ovulao occurs 6 hours approximately after the 15-45 and LH peak minutes after the oviposio. When evaluating the cellular wall of folculo, can be observed a different region structurally, characterized by being to avascular, that it is called of stigma.

This region is composed for the epitlio, internal and external theca and granular layer. The external theca is composed mainly for fibroblastos and extracellular matrix of colgeno. Before the ovulao, the region of the stigma increases in width and becomes transparent. The colgeno modifies structurally, becoming one fabric more fragile.

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