Well-being By Wood In The Animal Husbandry / Agriculture

Where live human and animal in pleasant atmosphere! The company detached from Bocholt offers a wonderful addition to the usual economic buildings made of steel. It is a woodworking company in North Rhine-Westphalia, offer special designs in the Garden House and cottage area. For entrepreneurs and farmers, the manufacturer of wooden houses in Blockbbohlenweise offers interesting alternatives to the steel Hall, E.g. for animal husbandry a barn or shed made of wood, to build stables. Others use this antenna also for soil farming of chickens, turkeys or as a Sheepfold. Again, others use the building as a warehouse.

According to the economic activity of the company or of agriculture. Also the promotion of well-being is one of the typical characteristics of the natural material wood! This reflected positively on humans and animals. The animals feel visibly comfortable in your environment! In addition, be sure also the environmental aspect should be highlighted. Wood is a renewable raw materials and natural products. In addition can it be disposed of much easier, than other substances. The creation of a barn wood is certainly also the cheaper option to traditional construction. Here the a high proportion of equity performance possibility in terms of processing and of simple construction in the block logs system, so that companies or private people can save a lot as a result. Detached offers different standard models, but nothing in the way is also the implementation of individual custom-made products.

Almost every wish can be implemented into practice, if static feasible. All products are made from high quality spruce openness in wall thicknesses E.g. 45 mm, 70 mm and 95 mm and perfect processing. The offered Windows have double glazing, drip edges and rubber seals. For the large entrance gates, sectional doors in wood or conventional doors that are processed at the cottage, are offered! For the roofing asphalt shingles or a roof with a metal roof can be taken (plastic coated). However, the substructure of a shed or barn should consist of concrete or stone. To give the last coat of paint the whole in the truest sense of the word, recommends and distributes the necessary for the wood and the optics wood colors in different designs and colours FA. detached. So all in all a comprehensive package! Conclusion: Each farmer and entrepreneur should reconsider this possibility as an excellent alternative. For the good price-performance ratio, the optics and the undeniable qualities of wood are available! U. Bussmann

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