Wooden Toys For Children

Back to nature – wooden toys for children wooden toys considered to be oldest material in the area. Of course realized that one must economize with this renewable resource the people over the years. Responsible toy manufacturers use therefore regenerative wood from local stocks. Beech is among the hardwoods and is ideal for the production of Schaukelpferden, doll prams, large wooden cars, scooters or dollhouses. Softwoods are pine or spruce, on the other hand. From these, particularly smaller wooden toys, such as letters, wooden puzzle, doll, can conjure crayons or educational toys for the little ones. The painting is of course important in the wooden toys for children. The children love colourful and often take their toys in the mouth.

This is also not bad, if you pay attention when buying on solvent-free and resistant to saliva coated with water-based varnish. Also eyes on at the origin of the wood. Especially in Eastern Europe, the radiaktive load is still very high. Tropical timber is though, but should be avoided for reasons of environmental protection. Wooden toys is educationally valuable not only due to his naturalness, but has numerous uses.

The coarse and fine motor skills of toddlers to promote well with a small wooden toys, because this warm material looks comfortable in the tiny hands and is accepted by the youngest therefore with great enthusiasm. As a result children access more often and try out ever again as little architects, woodcut moms or Burgherrscher. Since wood won’t break or splinter, the risk of injury is very low. Of course, the wood material must be clean, smooth and processed without sharp edges. Children from 4-10 will feel years in a doll made of wood especially. The wooden furniture in the living room of parents look similar and the small house owner is thus almost feel in adults. The learning effect is clear on the hand. Children get a delicate look for Comfort and sensible arrangement of various objects. Wheels and basket made of beech wood roller, colorful painted drag cars from wood or doll’s pram with allow wild romp outdoors. Well loaded and processed wood can withstand a lot and didn’t go in minor accidents to break. Also identify children with wooden toys fast with nature and learn to appreciate their environment. Once the kids reach an age of 8-10 years, can be approached so slowly they to the manufacture of wooden toys, of course, only under supervision. This encourages particularly the fine motor skills and the inventive spirit. There are great lathes or carving tools specifically for children. In the conclusion, it remains to say that wooden toys also in times of electronics and plastic still ranks among the most pedagogically valuable toys for our children.

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