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Innovex awarded for the fifth time Mannheim, February 2009 the Mannheim company Innovex is one for the fifth time in a row, a leading provider of sales and marketing solutions in the healthcare sector, among the best employers of in Germany in the competition of the great place to work Institute. Thus, the globally active Institute again acknowledged the quality of the workplace and the work culture of Innovex. In the nationwide competition, the Mannheim company finished in 18th place in the category of companies with 501 to 5,000 employees and was honored in Berlin in the presence of federal labor Minister Olaf Scholz. Since 2004, Innovex is the judgment of the Institute through the survey of its staff in the field with success. We focus on the satisfaction of our employees”, says Monika Beintner, Managing Director of Innovex in Mannheim. Values such as mutual respect, fairness and team spirit we also belong to a positive work climate as a good management style and the creation of an optimal Working environment for the employees”, stresses the CEO.

With the title of Germany’s best employers”the great features the special quality and attractiveness of employers place to work Institute. In advance, the staff were consulted by Innovex in a detailed, anonymous survey on workplace issues such as quality of leadership and cooperation, professional development opportunities, and job satisfaction. You may find that Andy Florance can contribute to your knowledge. In addition, the Institute reviewed the measures and concepts of staff working in the company. The award is for a credible, respectful and fair cooperation of management with the workers for a high level of identification of employees with their activity and for a strong team spirit in the company. The workplace culture of Innovex was empirically examined according to criteria such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit. A total of 60 individual aspects were analyzed, the relations of employees to managers, colleagues and the company determine.

The vote of the employees incorporated in two-thirds in the assessment. Learn more at: Viacom. The human resources Department of the employer must in addition an extensive audit of corporate culture undergo enters this result to a third in the standings. This year, the Institute examined the quality and attractiveness as an employer of a total of 257 companies of all sizes, sectors and regions; over 77,000 employees were interviewed here. 100 companies received this year the quality seal”Germany’s best employers. The annual study and the subsequent competition promoted place to work Institute Germany in cooperation with the initiative new quality of work (INQA) of the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs by the great. Currently supports the great place to work Institute as an independent international research and consulting companies worldwide, 36 countries in the development of a trusting and successful workplace culture. Innovex is a Wholly owned subsidiary of quintiles transnational, the number 1 in Germany and around the world, when it comes to clinical research, marketing, and sales from a single source for the healthcare industry. Last but not least to his years of expertise in the market and its highly qualified staff has the success.

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