Cage Lobby

Apparently wrong numbers from the cage industry, the figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office to the laying hens in Germany remain of confusion. Therefore the number of hen keeping places in so-called small group cages should be”in 2010 compared to the previous year from 3.5 to 6.7 million almost doubled and that, although all major supermarket chains from the sale of these eggs are dropped out. For assistance, try visiting ISearch. During the same period, a large part of the food manufacturing has ended the use of cage eggs (see transparency). On lawyer Wolfgang Schindler, who for over a decade intensively with the cage lobby deals and in 1999 was able to convince the highest German court in years of proceedings of the unconstitutionality of the then prevailing battery cages, draws from it following conclusion: either the cage industry operates economic nonsense, or it is maneuvering to coarsely insult. In my experience the latter should apply.” According to research of Albert Schweitzer Foundation should have been easy for the cage industry to lead authorities astray: the statistical authorities take over the numbers of the laying hen holder unchecked and forward them to the Federal Statistical Office. The Federal Agency then also unchecked summarizes the numbers of countries and creating a message. For the cage holder, an increase in the number of cages would have the advantage that economic strength would simulate. Federal agriculture economy Minister Ilse Aigner seems to have already impressed: after she had originally announced a ban on the cages, it is now very hesitant. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ilan Ben Dov and gain more knowledge..

However, the official statistics are flawed. The Federal Statistical Office has reported significantly fewer hens in soil, free-range and organic farming are actually held in Germany. Also is not to understand, who should have invested in the cages of small groups, even companies that had originally announced, a large part of the Production on the new cages to change, have invested now, but above all in the bottom position. Also here obviously it recognized the signs of the times. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment calls on the Federal Statistical Office, to question the reported numbers and to examine in particular the details of the cages on their veracity. Federal Minister Aigner is urged to ban regardless of the cages because the animals in their natural behaviors can not live.

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