Desktop Wallpapers

Everyone is trying to change the world around them, adjust to fit your template, just a little to bring it closer to his ideal, to feel comfort and peace. Hear from experts in the field like Pete Cashmore for a more varied view. Unfortunately it is often very difficult to do, peace to all one, it is common and stubbornly does not want to change and adapt to someone else one. The computer world is much more simple and friendly and that is why he is increasingly being implemented in our real lives. A window into this world and it is our desktop, and its main criterion – the look. Ian Cole usually is spot on. One of the key aspects of the appearance of the desktop is the wallpaper in the Windows operating system and the pictures for a desktop operating system, Mac os. On them can be judged character, mood, interests, emotional state and preferences of the person.

They can make smile and cheer up, to make laugh or vice versa blow any sad memories. Everyone imagine the ideal wallpaper to their own way: for some it's the photo wallpaper with views of picturesque locations and beautiful places in the world, someone like the new auto models or pictures can film characters, screen shots of some popular games or romantic images, and someone just picture a loved one or even any single color background. In the world of the internet there are many resources on topics decorate your desktop. Huge collection free and paid products, copyrights, or the creation of unknown artists – they all find their fans, as the theme is very popular and in demand. As statistics show search engine Yandex, the phrase Desktop Wallpaper appears before the eyes of nearly a million users every month.

The figure is very serious and deserves respect. Hard to believe, but born wallpaper back in 1975 when Xerox parc research center in its experimental office system Officetalk, developed for a series of computers Alto, used a revolutionary solution – provide the background under the cash box are dimmed. Everyone liked the idea and it was immediately picked up by Apple Computer Lisa and Macintosh. The popularity of wallpaper has grown with the avalanche rate, the process was irreversible. Evolution wallpapers and images to the desktop was a lot of stages and I think that more will be at least as much. Now we can say with great confidence, in the current popularity of this industry, as well as the highest degree of image editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, gimp, Microsoft Paint and analogues) everyone can choose or create for themselves their exclusive virtual world, responsible only to its ideals and demands, and this world will belong to him alone.

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